How to pass Hair Follicle Test

Hair follicle drug test has been used mostly by employers to screen their potential employees for hard drugs. A particularly clear example of this is the marijuana which can stay in the hair strands for months, and if you take a test soon after smoking, then your employer could as well know your drug history.

A hair follicle drug test involves the cutting around 50-80 strands from the head base. The strands of hair should have a minimum of 1 inch otherwise if not, the hair from the chest, armpits or even face can be used if they meet the minimum requirement.

Though there has not been a fully dependable way of helping one pass the dreaded hair test, several products such as test clean and precision cleanse and toxin Wash have claimed to help those who have done drugs pass the test to some favorable percentage.

Keeping the toxin levels low in the hair is one way if you are trying to pass the test. You may ask how one can do this. Well, Regular smokers have been advised to use a clarifying shampoo of their choice regularly in order to remove the toxins that are normally excreted from the scalp daily into their hair strands. This method may however, not be remarkably effective for people with black hair who use hard drugs such as cocaine. This is because people having dark hair have their hair color as the carrier and not the hair itself which is the keratin. People with dark hair therefore, cannot rely on using the clarifying shampoo to be able to reduce the toxins from to minimal undetectable levels.

Follicles scraping agents have been used to aid people pass this test. These mechanical tools dig into the hair follicle where they scrap off parts of the scalp where the follicles grow. This method is however, not recommended to the long time drug users as the toxins will be too much for the scrapper to wipe them out.

Another option is using the screen masking agent. This should be applied like 24 hours before you take the test and note that it should not be washed off. This solution contains ingredients that will act as a cover up to help you evade the positive drug test results.

Last but not least, the only option to be 100% sure that you can pass a hair follicle test is staying away from drugs. If you can keep off drugs, then sure enough you will not have to worry when you will be required to take up this test that so many young people looking for jobs dread!

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